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Every once in a while, there’s a career that comes along and takes the entire world by storm. LazyTown was one of those shows. Although the series did not originate in the United States, it became very popular among young American viewers. The show follows a young girl named Stephanie who moves to a place called LazyTown. As the name of the town suggests, everyone there is lazy. Stephanie then teams up with a superhero named Sportacus to help get the town’s people more active. Even though it’s been a little more than seven years since LazyTown went off the air, lots of people have wondered what has become of the people who played the show’s quirky characters. Keep reading to find out what happened to the cast of LazyTown.

Julianna Rose Mauriello

Julianna Rose Mauriello played Stephanie for the first two seasons of LazyTown. Interestingly enough, she wasn’t the first person chosen for the role. However, when the original actress declined the opportunity, Julianna’s agent thought she would be a good fit. Julianna ended up being the perfect fit for the role. After being cast, Julianna, who is originally from New York, relocated to Iceland to film the series. While there, she learned the language and she also became very active in the local community. Not only did the show become a big hit, but Julianna was also popular among fans. However, after two seasons, LazyTown was off the air for over five years. During that time, Julianna had gotten too old to accurately portray Stephanie. As a result, she was replaced when the show returned in 2013.

Not long after leaving LazyTown, Julianna decided to leave the entertainment to pursue a more traditional career path. From what we can tell, she has been enjoying life away from the spotlight. She went on to study at Middlebury College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. A few years later, she earned a master’s degree in occupational therapy from Columbia University. According to her LinkedIn profile, she currently works as an occupational therapist at a school. Needless to say, it doesn’t look like Julianna has any plans to ever return to acting. Julianna does not have any verified social media profiles, but there is an Instagram page that appears to belong to her.

Chloe Lang

Chloe Lang was brought in to play Stephanie for the final two shows of the seasons of LazyTown. Although it wasn’t Chloe’s first acting opportunity, it was her first time having such a significant role. During her time on the show, Chloe also became popular among fans. Since the show’s end, Chloe has had a few acting roles here and there, but she hasn’t done anything as big as LazyTown. It’s unclear if this is by choice or if she’s just had a hard time getting cast in things. Despite her lack of on-screen activity in recent years, Chloe still has a very big fan base. She has become popular on TikTok where she has more than 400,000 followers. In many of her videos, she sometimes dresses up as Stephanie. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts lifestyle and LazyTown related content. Even though LazyTown is still her biggest role to date, I have a good feeling that we’re going to be seeing plenty more of Chloe on our screens in the years to come.

Stefán Karl Stefánsson

Known to the people of LazyTown as Robbie Rotton, Stefán Karl Stefánsson’s character was known for being especially lazy. He was also the person who fought against Stephanie and Sportacus’ attempts to get the people of LazyTown in better shape. Stefán played the character for all four seasons of the show. Initially, Stefán continued to work after his time on LazyTown,but things in his life took a tragic turn when he was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in the fall of 2016. Mark Valenti, the head writer of LazyTown, set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Stefán’s living expenses so that he and his family could be taken care of while he was out of work. In 2017, he underwent surgery and although the procedure was a success, the disease remained. In 2018, the cancer had worsened and Stefán’s prognosis wasn’t good. In the spring of that year, Stefán he decided to stop chemotherapy. Stefán passed away in August of 2018. Public funeral services were not held. Stefán was just 43 years old at the time of his death and he left behind a wife and four children.

Magnús Scheving

Not only was Magnús Scheving the person who portrayed Sportacus in LazyTown, he was also the person who created the show. Magnús, who is a championship gymnast, has been passionate about fitness for his entire life. After becoming a public speaker during the 1990s, he noticed that many young people were very inactive and needed better role models to educate them on the importance of fitness. It was then that he came up with the idea for LazyTown. Prior to LazyTown Magnús did not have any experience working in the TV industry. Although Magnús portrayed Sportacus for the duration of the show, Dýri Kristjánsson played Sportacus in live shows after 2014. After the show ended, Magnús also decided to step down from being the CEO of LazyTown Entertainment and he ultimately left the industry altogether. He has not done any acting since LazyTown and is not involved in the restaurant business. He and his girlfriend, Hrefna Björk Sverrisdóttir, own a restaurant in Iceland.

Guðmundur Þór Kárason

Guðmundur Þór Kárason played Ziggy in LazyTown which is a character that most of us can relate to. Ziggy loved eating candy and other sweet snacks. At one point, those unhealthy treats were staples in his diet but he had a change of heart once Stephanie and Sportacus educated him on the importance of eating healthy and staying active. Since LazyTown, it appears that Guðmundur has left the entertainment industry behind. According to his IMDB page, he hasn’t done any acting since the show ended. However, things seem to be going well for him overall. According to his Facebook profile, he got married in 2015. He also appears to have two children.

Ronald Binion

Although viewers never saw Ronald Binion’s face, he was the puppeteer behind Pixel as well as the voice for a good portion of LazyTown’s run. Although he had been in the industry prior to his work on LazyTown, that was his first major opportunity. Although he hasn’t had any TV credits still LazyTown, he is still working hard. According to his website, he has been doing puppet shows all over the world. He is also fairly active on Instagram and it’s clear that he’s taken the LazyTown message to heart. He is an avid runner who has participated in several long-distance running events.

Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess is another LazyTown cast member whose face you never saw, but she played an important role in the series. She was the puppeteer behind Trixie for the first two seasons of the show. After leaving LazyTown in 2006, she moved on to another series called Space Pirates.She also returned to the Lazytown family in 2008 for the spin-off series, LazyTown Extra. Most recently, she had a voice role in a TV series called The Furchester Hotel from 2014 to 2016. Other than that, Sarah seems to have kept a pretty low profile and we weren’t able to find any social media profiles for her.

Julie Westwood

Julie Westwood is one of the only people in the LazyTown cast to play more than one role. In addition to briefly playing pixel, she was also Bessie Busybody for the course of the series. Prior to being cast in LazyTown, Julie had an extensive acting and voice acting career. She had also worked on several children’s shows including It’s A Big Big World and Max & Ruby. However, she has only been involved in one TV show since LazyTown.She doesn’t seem to be active on social media so it’s hard to tell what she’s been up to in recent years.

Jodi Eichelberger

Jodi Eichelberger was the puppeteer who brought Stingy to life and he was also the voice of the character. Jodi’s career in the entertainment industry began in the late 1990s and he continued to work his way towards bigger opportunities. To date, LazyTown is probably his most well-known project. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is based in Idaho and is the artistic director for Story Story Night. He is also the program director at Surel’s Place.

David Matthew Feldman

In his role as Milford Meanswell, David Matthew Feldman played the kindhearted mayor of LazyTown who also happens to be Stephanie’s uncle. Although LazyTown is listed as David’s most recent acting credit, he hasn’t left the industry behind completely. In 2016, he wrote for a TV show called Chicken and Chips.Unfortunately, though, there doesn’t seem to be any information on him outside of that. He doesn’t have any verified social media profiles and his IMDB page doesn’t show any more recent projects. However, since David is a puppeteer, there’s always a chance that he is still working on lesser-known projects.puppeteer

Whatever Happened to the Cast of LazyTown? - TVovermind (2024)


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