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It’s almost that time of the year where Christmas music is everywhere and the lights are back out to make even the ugliest place look festive and beautiful. There’s a chill in the air and the jumpers are dug out from the wardrobe. Christmas is the time where everyone gets together and gorges themselves on whatever is laid out on the table. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is this, the food. Everyone seems to make just that bit more of effort and homemade treats come out in force. It’s the time where everyone laughs as flour covers clothes and cake mix is eaten from spoons. Whether you’re cooking with loved ones, with children or just want to make yourself a festive treat, here are 10 unique Christmas cookie recipes to add to the Christmas cheer.

1. Walnut Date Swirl Cookies

An old-fashioned, unique Christmas cookie recipe, this creates beautifully chewy treats that can become a Christmas tradition in any family. The vegetarian ingredients make for a fun treat almost everyone will love. This is one of the best Christmas cookie recipes.

2. Cream Wafer Tree Cookies

These cute, delicate cookies help spread the festive cheer at any party. They are bite-size, flaky and perfect to share. Definitely an easy, fun bake.


3. Polar Bear Cookies

Absolutely adorable! These no-bake, unique Christmas cookies are perfect to make with children, creating a fun craft to get in the Christmas mood. They look so cute and taste even better.

4. Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

This recipe combines the traditional, beautiful flavours of Christmas into one perfect shortbread cookie. If you’re a cranberry lover then this is definitely something to try!

5. Hot Chocolate Christmas Cookie

These adorable, little cookies are the perfect craft to make with children. They’re small and easy to make, perfect for any Christmas party or for when your kids bring over some friends. Cute and delicious! This is one of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes.


6. Peppermint Meringue Cookies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a peppermint treat. These Peppermint Meringue Cookies are a great unique Christmas twist to add to the table. Delicate and festive, they are the perfect light snack to add a splash of colour to dessert.

7. Italian Christmas Cookies

Sometimes, it’s nice to do something different for Christmas. Maybe this Italian recipe could be your “something different” this year. These little unique Christmas cookies are created by rolling your dough into a spiral, before adding the sweet icing on top. Different but delightful, this is the treat to add to the list.

8.Peacan Snowball Cookie

A simple recipe for rich and buttery balls of goodness. Create little snowballs to decorate your plate and please your guests. Hey, maybe even stack a few on top of each other and see who can make the tallest snowman! See, fun for everyone.


9. Spiced Gingerbread Man Cookies

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without gingerbread men! They are a Christmas-must and an excuse to get the generic cookie cutters back out. This recipe adds winter spices to give an extra twist to an old classic. You’ll definitely feel Christmassy when you heat up the dough and that familiar, gingerbread smell fills the house.

10. Christmas Cranberry Macarons

Another twist on a familiar Christmas taste, these delightful macarons are cute and light, making for the perfect treat to help the Christmas spirit grow. An easy recipe, for a unique Christmas cookie treat.


11. Chocolate Chip M&Ms Christmas Cookies

M&Ms are always a good way to make a simple recipe unique. Not only do they add colour, but the melting chocolate taste delicious with the dough!

12. Peppermint Stuffed Cookies

Another fantastic use for peppermint! If in doubt, stuff it in for a unique Christmas cookie!

13. White Chocolate Gingerbread Stars

These stars should definitely not be on top of your tree but on your plate. White chocolate can improve anything and pairing it with gingerbread is genius!


14. Gluten Free Cut-out Cookies

A simple, fun gluten-free recipe that can be used during any holiday, depending on what cookie cutter shapes you own!

15. No-Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies

I think these are one of my personal favourites because they’re so simple! A unique Christmas twist on the type of treats everyone remembers making as a child. Fun, easy and definitely festive.

What Christmas cookie recipes are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!
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15 Unique Christmas Cookie Recipes Perfect For The Holidays - Society19 (2024)


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